Local specialty“Udon noodle”

Tatebayashi Udon Noodle

‘Udon’ is noodle dish which is made with wheat, water, salt. It is very popular in Japan. The Udon noodle is the most famous food specialty in Tatebayashi city, it has been popular in Tatebayashi since 300 years ago.

Udon noodle in Tatebayashi is characterized by pleasant flavor, hand-made noodle and its elastic texture. Once you taste it, you’ll never forget it !!!

“Men-One Granpri”festival

“Men-One Granpri” festival

 Noodle dish event is held every year in autumn in Tatebayashi city. More than 50 shops open and sell local noodle dishes. Every regional shops come from all over Japan!

Opening : Saturday and Sunday(only 2 days) from end of September to early of October (every year)

Address: 2-2, Shiromachi, Tatebayashi city, Gunma, Japan

Price : 1noodle dish = 300yen~500yen

Tatebayashi Udon story

“Men-One Granpri” festival

①river : Two wide rivers flow through Tatebayashi city. So water in Tatebayashi is very clear and delicious.

②wheat : Tatebayashi is wheat-producing area. It is cultivated using clean water. Udon is made of wheat. So it’s very tasty !

③flour milling : Tatebayashi city is the birthplace of “Nissin Seifun” which is leading flour milling company.

④udon noodle shop : There are more than 18 udon noodle shops in Tatebayashi. Each shop has original udon menu.

⑤soy sauce : Tatebayashi city is the birthplace of “Shoda Shoyu” which is leading soy-sauce manufacturer.